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This is an internet-enabled era. Almost every service and facility that you can think of is just a click away.

In this environment, if you are setting up a new business, a reasonably good web-presence is almost a necessity.

Often the recipe for success for any new company almost always includes a website.

In fact, a website is not just about having a web presence. It serves many purposes simultaneously and also has a lot of advantages for both entrepreneurs and users alike.

Let’s explore the 35 benefits of having a good company website

1. Enhance Branding


The most important reason why a company must have a website is that it enhances the branding of the business.

A website does not only create an online presence, it also helps reiterate the company’s presence in people’s mind.

Unlike a brick and mortar shop, a customer can visit a website any number of time during the day and as per their convenience.

This also helps in creating a better brand recall ability amongst active users and improves traction for the business.

2. Credentials


This is another big reason why a company must have a website. It removes the anonymity from the business concept and there is some tangible proof for people to understand what the business is all about.

You don’t have to rely on hearsay any longer.

You can check on your own and then take a call whether it justifies your time and attention.

Needless to mention information is power and your customers can start using it to your advantage rather meaningfully with a functional website in place.

3. Generating Leads

Leads generation

A website normally uses well-researched search engine optimization techniques.

Most SEO is based on target commercial keywords that improve visitors, attracts actual customers and gives you a better success rate in converting actual sales.

As a result, this comes is rather handy in terms of creating better user traction and also boosting sales meaningfully.

The sales improvement is essentially by generating better leads so a website almost always equals to greater leads via better SEO directed customer visit.

4. Offers Promotion

offer promotion

Normally launching a promotion campaign in a conventional set-up can be time-consuming, tedious and involve significant cash commitment.

However, this is not as difficult or expensive if you have an online presence. You can use the company’s website to announce promotion schemes, discount offers and helps them take advantage of these opportunities quite easily.

With the help of social networking websites, conveying the information to those interested has also become rather simple and with very little effort, you can take advantage of maximum exposure.

5. Improves Business Accessibility


Another big advantage of a company website is that it allows people or potential customers to take a first-hand view of your products or services.

It improves the customer’s accessibility to your business and allows them to make an informed call on the same.

They do not just get details about the business but also get a fair idea about how the business can improve their prospects going forward.

That can be often instrumental in building a deeper and more sustainable brand loyalty.

6. Contact Info and Location

Contact Info

Creating a company website is one easy way to take the business right to your customer’s drawing-room.

They don’t have to keep looking for you or your product. You make yourself available right on their mobile or desktop screen.

Your location, contact details and whereabouts are just a click away and helps customers take advantage of a relatively accessible and friendly business that addresses their requirement meaningfully.

7. Company Profile Sharing

Company Profile

A website allows visitors to understand your company’s background and history quite meaningfully.

You don’t have to worry about how people are describing you. The information is out in the open for those interested.

This brings out a unique sense of association and transparency about your business.

That no doubt helps in attracting new customers a lot easily

8. Testimonials


They say a picture is worth a million words.

Therefore, you can only gauge the impact of a screenshot of a satisfied testimonial by your client instead of claims by you about how good your products are.

A website provides the perfect platform to showcase these testimonials and build a goodwill chain for you.

It lends credibility to your business sense and encourages people to appreciate your products more openly.

That, in turn, attracts larger number of customers to your website.

9. Convenient Option For Customers


The online presence and shopping through a website instead of a physical shop ultimately work in favour of a customer.

The sooner they realize it, the faster they get on with this mode of shopping.

But for that, you need companies to come up with functional, well-designed websites that give priority to their convenience.

It saves them both time and money when they shop online. They don’t have to deal with traffic or long queues at the checkout counter.

Most importantly, they are able to take advantage of discount offers too. That way, the customers end up saving time, money and also their energy.

10. Easy Access to Variety of Customers

Easy Access

The website improves your company’s reach in a meaningful way. As a result customers from across the world have access to your website.

This does not just expand your operational base but also opens up fresh scope for expansion.

11. Attract Quality Talents

Attract Talents

When a company has a website, it increases exposure significantly. That directly improves visibility and credibility for them.

As a result, you just don’t see a long queue of potential customers. Even potential employees start thronging your threshold.

The other advantage is you can use the website to advertise job vacancies too.

The best part is your target audience is not limited to a specific neighbourhood.

That improves the chance of getting a large number and deeply talented individuals keen to work with you.

Improved credibility also gives you better negotiation power with potential employees.

12. Access To New Suppliers

New Supplier

The online presence gives your business the perfect opportunity to expand laterally.

This is because you are no longer tied down by physical boundaries or geographical limitation.

By adapting methods like drop shipping, you don’t even to look at acquiring stock.

This flexibility often attracts complete new supplier base and helps you expand the range of products that you have on offer.

That also helps increase the customers that are looking for interesting and unique products.

13. Automate Your Business

Automate Your Business

A website is not just about an online presence. Often it goes a long way in incorporating several functional innovations available online.

From plugins to automate the business to software that eases operational bottlenecks, you can rest easy with these automated technologies.

You can finally bid adieu to manually following up every lead and let the automated mailing system do the needful.

You can even add to customer’s convenience by enabling options like online booking and payment facilities.

14. Improve Rate of Conversion

Conversion rate increase

A company website and an active online presence give you the flexibility to try out something new.

You are no longer dependent on conventional strategies to woo customers.

The website gives you the flexibility to try out newer strategies, use bold copies and create your own unique identity.

That goes a long way in improving the perception of the brand and the rate of the relative conversion rate of actual sales numbers.

15. Make Your Business Scalable


Sales and revenue is often the only way you can gauge a business’ growth.

But that also involves expansion of the business and creates a scalable model.

Often in conventional business, scaling it up involves significant investment.

Whether it is a new office that needs to be created or a new warehouse that has to be installed anew.

However, it is much easier to scale up an online business and involves minimum capital commitment.

As a result, you get a much better scope to enhance your business and improve profits.

16. Expand Business Globally

Expand Globally

With a functional website in place, your company is no longer tied down to your neighbourhood.

The sky is the limit and you have the flexibility to choose the geography that you wish to cater to.

You can now actively look at tapping newer areas and scale your business up in a constructive fashion.

That will no doubt improve sales and give you the impetus to further expand the business, both organically as well as inorganically.

17. 24/7 Operational

day and night Operational

Another important advantage of a website is the entire selling process becomes automated.

The customers are not bound to my shop opening or closure timings.

Whenever they feel like and at whatever time they want to, they can log in to your website and place the order.

It gives you the flexibility to operate your business 365 days a year, 7 days a week and for 24 hours.

Sometimes, this comfort of shopping at their ease gives your business the necessary compared to your nearest competitors.

18. Effective Marketing Tool

Marketing Tool

By now, most people who are running successful businesses already understand that traditional marketing methods are increasingly becoming outdated and least productive.

With search engine optimization and tools like Google Ad Sense, it is much easier to improve sales traction and identify customer specification more accurately.

It gives you an in-depth detail of marketing strategies, the cost involved and the type of return you can expect from it.

That gives you a comprehensive guide to scale up business meaningfully.

19. Capture Online Market Share

Capture Online Market

Given the gradual rise in e-commerce, running a business is not that simple.

The share of target customers is fairly limited and every competitor is trying to grab as much possible of that pie.

The need to reach out to newer customer bases has become more important than ever.

With an online presence, that is not a problem anymore.

This is one easy way to transcend geographical and political boundaries and go global with your business in a meaningful way.

20. Grab Mobile Market Share Faster

Mobile Market

Typically we see that the mobile market share of potential new customers is much bigger than the usual desktop user.

A fully functional website enables a company to identify customer preferences, trends and other customer-related info much faster.

They can also undertake soft product launch to gauge customer response better.

As a result, the website becomes a platform for businesses to try out concepts and grab market share for new trends a lot faster than the competition.

21. E-commerce Platform


In this digitally enabled world, the company’s website gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the e-commerce wave and grab a bigger share of the customer base.

The automated payment gateway also reduces the need to deal with cash and the risk of money being stolen.

22. Visitors Tracking

Visitor Tracking

You will be able to track the profile of visitors more actively on a website. Not just about where they are from, but you get crucial information like how long do they stay on the website, which pages they clicked, how many repeat visitors and in what frequency they visit the site.

All of this information helps you make relevant adjustment in your product profile and makes your business significantly dynamic.

23. Data Collection

Data Collection

Stock keeping and stock-taking physically can be often tiring and chances if a miss quite normal.

But if you have a website and operate online, every transaction is recorded on the website.

The process then is simplified to a large extent.

Whether you want to know the total revenue flow or transactions per day, it is all available at the simple click of a mouse.

This simplifies the process significantly and assures a meaningful return.

24. Flexibility For Re-targeting


Let’s assume you have launched a new product but it failed to garner the response that you were expecting.

If you have a conventional set-up, retracting it can be rather difficult.

But an online business can easily change the pixels in a website, launch new imagery and focus on keywords that are garnering a maximum response.

The relative cost of these online initiatives is also much lesser, and that makes it a cost-effective method too.

25. Automate Follow Up Email to Customers

Follow up Email

With a website in place, a lot of promotional activities can be automated. This serves two purposes.

On the one hand, you have easy access to your loyal customers, and on the other hand, you can easily inform people about a variety of initiatives that you plan to undertake.

You can start sending birthday or anniversary discount coupons to customers and enhance brand cohesion.

You can also use website algorithm to suggest possible buyable options depending on their previous buys.

26. Build Your Referral System

Referral System

You can also use the website to create a referral system and improve sales.

You can easily create unit links for dealers or anyone who refers to friends and acquaintances and give a share of profit in the form of discount or commission too.

This often incentivizes people to buy products from your website and in effect boosts sales for you significantly.

This referral system also enhances the relative visibility of your enterprise and helps in brand promotion eventually.

27. Adopt a Cost-Effective Business Model

Business model

Lesser expenses and better profits are the mottoes for most businesses but companies that are operating conventionally, find it difficult to achieve.

However, if your company has a website and an established online set-up, it is that much simpler.

Instead of stocking up and spending money on delivery, you can adopt the drop-shipping model.

In this, your company becomes the middle man and does not have the hassle to keep stock or deliver it to a variety of locations.

You simply take the order, pass it on to the supplier or manufacturer and then they deliver it to your customer.

28. Minimize Operational Cost

Lower operation cost

This is by far one of the fundamental reasons why companies must have a website and fully functional online business model.

It reduces operational costs quite materially and makes it way simpler to maintain profit margins for companies.

When transactions are done online, you can easily do away with an offline shop.

That saves expenses, cost of running the office, staff to maintain it and other related expenses.

29. Save Renovation Expenses

save money

This is applicable to both new businesses as well as old companies.

If your company has a website, you can gradually look at shifting the maximum amount of operation online.

This will not just save expenses operationally but incrementally too.

Maintaining an office often requires significant cash commitment.

Moreover, you need to renovate these occasionally to maintain efficiency.

However, with an online set-up, you can easily bid adieu to these expenses, it gives you faster result despite the lesser cost and helps you maintain profitability.

30. No Need to Keep Excess Stock

Stock keeping

An online set-up also enhances the convenience factor in doing business.

Unlike a physical shop, where you have to maintain constant stock and invest in inventory, you do not have to maintain extra stock if you operate via the website.

You can plan your stock as per demand and place the order accordingly.

This reduces both the hassle and the capital requirement for running the businesses smoothly over a sustainable period.

31. Cut Down On Staff Cost

Staff Salary

Often you will see that companies and businesses are grappling with a fundamental concern, how to reduce operational cost, especially staff salary.

It goes without saying that if you expand your business, you have to recruit more staff and pay salary to them as well.

But what if you are able to operate your business on an online platform?

This will immediately cut down the staff requirement as well as capital commitment in terms of building new office and amenities for staff.

32. Lower Risk of Asset Depreciation

Asset depreciation

One of the biggest advantages of having a company website is the ability to reduce physical assets.

This does not just mean you have to deal with a lesser amount of physical liabilities but also lower the risk of depreciation in asset value.

That apart, there is also a maintenance cost involved. You can reduce that significantly as well.

As a result, it becomes much simpler to maintain the overall profit margin and lower overhead expenses meaningfully.

33. Effective Stock Planning

Effective Stock Planning

An online presence for a business is beneficial in many ways. Often an e-commerce platform or a company website enables processes like stock planning to happen quite easily.

Information is all just a click away. All you have to do is feed in the necessary information and get the desired result in a matter of clicks.

So with a company website, furthering business and keeping a tab on stocks is much simpler and less complicated.

34. Institutionalize Coupon System

Coupon System

Buyers inevitably love a bargain and discount deals.

With a website in place, it is often much easier to offer interesting deals to customers.

Even a nominal discount amount brings in a feel-good factor amongst customers.

They feel happy and encouraged to shop with you.

Often they might also help in significant brand promotion via word of mouth.

That also improves the overall visibility of the website in a comprehensive way.

35. Boost Income Using Google Ad Sense

Google Adsense

Last but not the least important of factors, this is also an easy way to increase the overall income of your company.

You can use Google AdSense to make the most of your available space online and also diversify the income source.

Then the website opens up the scope to not just expand the existing customer base but also look at other ways to increase income meaningfully and on a sustainable basis.

If the website content is properly curated as per SEO demands, it makes Google Ad Sense even more effective and further boosts prospects.

In the End

Therefore, we can conclude that a company must have a website for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, it helps improve the visibility of the company.

It gives the business an online platform to further the scope and build on a broader customer base. This is one of the first steps to enhance scalability.

Contact us now for an effective company web design to make your business presence online and reap all the benefits mentioned above.